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Top 5 Energizer Batteries

Everyone knows by now that Energizer has been around the watch battery scene for over 30 years ! In this article we're going to touch on what are the most common Energizer Lithium batteries used in watches,keyless remote controls for vehicles and so much more.

According to a 2018 research Energizer 377 otherwise known as SR626SW to your average customer that needs to replace there dead battery,was said it was the top selling battery.

The Energizer CR2032 ranked second in 2018 and is used for almost every car remote in the world. This is also searched by consumers as ECR2032 and has a 3 volt Lithium battery cell.

Ranking at third place was the Energizer 364 also know as SR621SW. This was ranked number one until most watch batteries were replaced by the Energizer 377. This watch battery is still one of the most common batteries used in watches today.

The 4th ranked Energizer battery was the 371 otherwise searched as SR920W. This is very closely ranked to the Energizer 364 as far as sales go but none the less it's ranked 4th.

Finally the last battery on the list is the Energizer  CR2450 and sometimes it's searches as ECR2450. This battery can sustain very high temperatures which makes it widely used in products that can get warm when used for a lengthy period of time.

So you might ask yourself what about other Energizer batteries like 394 or 357/306 ? These batteries can also be very popular,but they don't make the list. The Energizer battery CR2025 and CR2016 was another popular watch battery that did not make the list.


Just because the Energizer batteries didn't make the top 5 list does not mean they are not sold and used on day to day products. People also search for Energizer CR1616 and Energizer 317

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